Coffee Nap (Caffeine Nap)

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What is a Coffee Nap A coffee nap, also called a caffeine nap or coffee power nap, is a quick, short sleep taken after having a cup of coffee. It might sound silly because ‘coffee’ and ‘nap’ generally do not go together, as we all know that caffeine intake can […]

Yoga for Sleep: 7 Poses to Help You Sleep Better

Are you having trouble sleeping, or finding yourself tossing and turning all through the night? Then you should practice certain yoga asanas that promote sleep. Regularly practicing some yoga poses or moves will help induce sound sleep, improve its quality, and alleviate sleeping problems, as well as irregular sleeping habits. (function(d) { var params = […]

Meditation Techniques For Anxiety – How To Stress Less

Meditation techniques to ease anxiety

Anxiety is something we all face on a day to day basis. Maybe you can recall a time when a deadline was coming up at work or a time when your favorite team was on the verge of winning that big championship. These are examples of anxiety in the short term, i.e. the anxiety finishes after the […]

Natural Ways To Boost Immune System – Simple & Effective

Natural Ways To Boost Immune System

Everyday we are exposed to millions of microorganisms that try to enter our body. If it wasn’t for our immune system, we wouldn’t last very long in this world of intense competition. The immune system is our body’s defence protocol against infection and disease.  Discover some natural ways to boost immune system function so you can lower your susceptibility of […]

Natural Ways To Boost Metabolism – Simple & Effective

Happy Metabolism

Metabolism is how your body converts food into energy. Discover some natural ways to boost metabolism so you can eat more of what you enjoy! 1. Exercise Your metabolism is bound to slow down as you age and strength training is a sure-fire way to reverse the effects. Pumping iron will result in more muscle in […]