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Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Updated For 2016

Review of: Adonis Golden Ratio Structure Specific guidelines for workouts and nutrition based on your goal. Ease of Use Easy to use nutrition … Continue Reading



How to get Bigger and Thicker Wrists

Every so often, building the biceps and triceps become the most important aspect of upper body development whereas the wrists and forearms are given less attention. Developing your wrists and forearms is not only about looking impressive in a t-shirt, but also optimizing your grip strength, for which you need to devote time and effort.

Periodization Training Cycles: The Key To Consistent Results

Get the low down on periodization training cycles and understand how to design your strength training program for consistent gains over the long-term.Training in the same style for an extended period of time causes a stagnation of results. This is where the concept of periodization comes in. Periodization is a manipulation of the acute training variables […]

The 5 Training Variables To Design Your Own Workouts

This is part 2 of a Core Concepts Series on Strength Training. Part 1 goes over The Foundations of Strength Training Achieve your fitness goals more efficiently by fine-tuning these five acute training variables:Choice of ExercisesOrder of Exercises Number of SetsResistance Rest Periods1. Choice of Exercises Muscle groups that are neglected of stimulation will not see progress. This is why choosing the […]

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The Six Principles Of Strength Training For Muscle Growth

 Follow these six principles of strength training to plan your workouts for maximal effectiveness and make continuous progress towards your fitness goals. People involve in strength training for a wide variety of reasons. Most are interested in gaining muscle strength and mass with a simultaneous focus on dropping body fat. Athletes involve in strength training to see […]

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How To Increase Your Bench Press: A Plan Based On Science

Discover how to increase your bench press by up to 25 pounds in 6 weeks using this workout based on a recent study. A question that always tends to come up in a discussion between two gym bros is: “How much do you bench?” For good reason as well. Working the pecs, delts, arms, and to some extent the back, […]