The 3 Week Diet Review – An Inside Look

The 3 Week Diet Product: The 3 Week Diet
Price: $47.00 one time payment
Creator: Brian Flatt
Rating: 64/100
Guarantee: Full refund within 60 days of purchase

My 3 Week Diet Review delves deep into the details of what the program actually includes. Read on to make an informed decision before purchase.

The 3 Week Diet System – An In Depth Review

The 3 Week Diet is being marketed as a foolproof, science based method to lose up to 23 pounds within a 21 day period. The 3 Week Diet’s marketing methods appeal to our desire for instant gratification. We are a generation obsessed with quick results.

In a nutshell:

Yes, following the 3 Week Diet will result in rapid weight loss.


If you want to get healthy for the long term, you will need to induce a lifestyle change. 21 days will simply not cut it.

If you are in a hurry and want to lose weight for an upcoming beach vacation or high school reunion, then the 3 Week Diet will be effective.

I have provided a detailed overview outlining what the program includes. After reading through, you will be able to make a better decision on whether or not The 3 Week Diet will be right for you.

What Is Included?

The 3 Week Diet is a 100 page eBook. You get access to it instantly upon purchase.

The author starts off by giving an overview on basic nutrition, i.e. what are fats, protein, and carbs and how they affect our body.

Brian goes on to explain the specifics of how our metabolism works and what factors effect it. Reading through this first part can help you better understand basic nutrition principles and the function of our metabolism.

The next part is titled The Undisputable Rules of Fat Loss. There are a total of 4 rules mentioned. The first rule is pretty obvious: In order to lose weight you must create a calorie deficit over time. The next 3 rules focus around a concept of mobilizing our fat stores.

Fat mobilization is a process through which the fat leaves our fat cells to be used as energy. This is apparently the hardest part of fat loss. Brian goes on to explain methods to increase fat mobilization.

The first part of the book serves as a brief course in understanding the fat loss process. The real “meat” of The 3 Week Diet is what follows.

The three main components:

  • Diet: This section serves as a guide to how you will be eating during the 21 day period, i.e. the types of foods, timing of meals, and calculating your basal metabolic rate. There are a total of 4 phases of the diet.
  • Exercise: This section features workout routines which are aimed to boost your efforts against fat loss. They are about 30 minutes long, and the author recommends working out 3 times a week.
  • Willpower, Motivation, and Mindset: This section focuses on how you can develop the willpower to push through and become successful with the program.

I will now reveal the details of each of these sections separately.


As mentioned earlier, the diet portion of The 3 Week Diet is broken down into 4 phases.

Phase 1 (Days 1-7): There are two main techniques used in this phase; short term fasting and a low carb diet. The author lays out details of how to employ these techniques and provides a list of allowed foods. The first phase of the program is meant to be a detox. The only carbs you get are from the list of allowed vegetables. Eating schedules are laid out on a day to day basis with recommended preparation and timing.

Phase 2 (Day 8): Day 8 is a 24 hour fast.

Phase 3 (Days 9-11): In phase 3 the majority of calories come from fat. The idea behind this is that after the 24 hour fast consuming a majority of saturated fat will result in your body to begin using fat for fuel.

Phase 4 (Days 12-21): This phase is focused around consuming calories based on your basal metabolic rate (BMR). The formulas for calculating BMR have been laid out.

Brian ends the diet portion of the eBook by giving some tips on how to keep the weight off in the long term. He gives an example of a rule he likes to use. He weighs himself everyday first thing in the morning. Anytime his weight is 3 pounds above his target weight he goes back to one of the phases. There are other methods listed out as well.


This section of The 3 Week Diet serves as a beginners guide to working out.

The main focus of this section is not the actual exercises but why you should incorporate exercising as part of your fat loss efforts. You can easily find better routines online, but the author decided to add this section for the sake completeness. The main takeaway from this section is an understanding of how strength training affects our system at an internal level.

Willpower, Motivation, and Mindset

This section outlines some tips that will help you followthrough with the whole 21 days of the program. The author recommends stuff like keeping a journal, starting the program with a friend, and positive reinforcement. The main takeaway for me was the bit on willpower. The author talks about how research has found willpower to be like a muscle. The more you enforce it the stronger it will get. \


Glucose is directly correlated with willpower. If you have low blood sugar you are more likely to have weaker will power at that moment. Another interesting topic in this section was the power of habit. I actually enjoyed reading this section, and there were quite a few helpful points.

Pros vs Cons

If your main goal is FAST weight loss, then The 3 Week Diet will be effective. This program is suitable for someone, for example, who wants to lose quick weight for an upcoming vacation and has no idea where to start. The step-by-step process will prove helpful. Some of the methods used, however, are a bit questionable in terms of health.


  • Effective at Fast Weight Loss
  • Step-by-step process


  • Methods are somewhat unhealthy
  • Pricey for the amount of material offered
  • The workout section didn’t deliver much value
  • No distinct specification between male and female

Final Grade: D

For the $47 price tag, I would say that The 3 Week Diet is not value for money. There are other products out there with similar price tags that deliver WAY more value for the dollar.

If you want a step-by-step blueprint for truly getting in shape for the long term check out my reviews on:

If you follow the methods listed in The 3 Week Diet, it is likely that you will see quick results. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that you will lose more than 20 pounds though.

Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts in life. If you want results you will have to work for them.

Take a look at the introduction manual of The 3 Week Diet to get a feel of what the product will look like.

If you have purchased The 3 Week Diet I would love to hear about your experience with it in the comments section below. If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. If there are any other products you want me to review just shoot me an email at

I hope you found my 3 Week Diet Review informative and that it helped clear up your decision making process.

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    i am very much over weight , one of my friend told me about 3 week diet plan that i should purchase it , but i am bit confused , any one can tell me whether it’s a scam or not ?

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