Health Benefits Of Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter

Health Benefits of Almond Butter Having nuts in your diet can provide many benefits ranging from reduced risk of heart attack to better brain function. If you don’t enjoy the taste of nuts, you can always opt for a nut butter instead. Peanut butter has long dominated the market for nut butters. Recently, however, many are beginning to switch over to a healthier alternative. Almond butter and peanut butter are very similar, and can even be substituted in most recipes. Both are a good source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. The focus of this post is on the health benefits of almond butter compared to peanut butter.


Magnesium RDA

Recommended Daily Allowance for Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential macro-mineral and is involved in many of the body’s processes. Sufficient magnesium intake is associated with a decreased risk of many common ailments including diabetes, osteoporosis, and hypertension (high blood pressure). A tablespoon of almond butter contains about 48 mg of magnesium. A tablespoon of peanut butter, on the other hand, contains only about half that amount (24 mg). The recommended daily amount of magnesium is dependent upon gender and age. The table to the right shows the recommended daily amounts of magnesium estimated by the National Institute of Health.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E RDA

Recommended Daily Allowance for Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for its anti-oxidative properties. Your body uses vitamin E to combat against free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that damage your cells and are even seen to be associated with cancer. Vitamin E is also necessary to maintain proper immune function. Almond butter contains about 4 times as much vitamin E than does peanut butter (4mg per tablespoon in almond butter and 1mg per tablespoon in peanut butter). The table to the right shows the recommended daily amounts of Vitamin E also estimated by the National Institute of Health.


RDA Iron

Recommended Daily Allowance for Iron

Iron is necessary in the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin; proteins that regulate oxygen transport throughout your body. Iron also assists in proper bone development and supports metabolism. A tablespoon of almond butter provides about 0.6 mg of iron while a tablespoon of peanut butter provides only 0.3 mg. The table to the right shows the recommended daily amounts of iron estimated by the National Institute of health.

Do It Yourself

Store bought almond butter usually has added preservatives. Manufacturers add preservatives in order to increase shelf life. Before purchase take a look at the ingredients. If there is anything on there other than almonds, it is not organic almond butter.

I like to make my almond butter at home. I have provided a very simple recipe.

Ingredients and Tools 

  • 3 cup almonds
  • Effective food processor (preferably with an S blade)
  • Spatula


  • Place almonds into food processor and blend for 30 minutes.
  • Every 5 minutes use the spatula to scrape the almonds that get stuck to the side.
  • After about 15-20 minutes you will notice the almond oils begin to release.
  • Keep blending for another 10-15 minutes.
  • Voila, you have now made your very own homemade almond butter!
  • Use the spatula to add the almond butter into a glass jar.
  • Place in refrigerator after use.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the health benefits of almond butter please leave them in the comment section below. Also, if you have any tips about the uses of almond butter I would love to hear about them!

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  1. says

    hi Adam!
    I love almond butter!
    A few months ago I bought a coconut almond butter and it is so good! Just the right texture and a bit of sweetness. It is very filling and I am happy to see it is rich in magnesium. As a vegetarian I am always trying to find ways to add nutrients, vitamins and minerals in my diet.

    • Adam says

      Hey Emily,
      I have never tried coconut almond butter before, in fact I never even knew it existed. But it really does sound delicious. I will definitely check it out.
      One thing I didn’t mention in the post is the protein content of almond butter. As a vegetarian that is another benefit for you!

  2. says

    Hey Adam, I am a vegan and since becoming vegan I have really started loving almond butter. It makes a great any time snack and sometimes meal for me just add banana’s, whole wheat bread, and raisins. Great article, I really enjoyed it.

    • Adam says

      Hey Tavis,
      Another good idea for a snack is a milkshake. You can add a cup of milk, a banana, vegan protein powder, and a tablespoon of almond butter.
      A milkshake full of nutrients and also delicious!

  3. says

    Homemade almond butter is really simple to make as per your direction. The question I would like to ask you is how to preserve them for longer use, or how long we can keep them in refrigerator before it is fermented. Almond milk is also an imported food in my country, it was tagged with high price compared to normal dairy milk. I would love to try almond milk for it is good for health but the idea you have here how to make almond butter is so nice, so consuming home made almond butter is not a bad idea I think.

    • Adam says

      Hey tinnakon,
      How long you can keep it in the refrigerator can really vary. The best thing to do is to smell it or taste it a bit. If the smell or taste is strange then it is better to abstain from eating it.
      Yup, almond milk has also been gaining a lot of popularity as of recent but it does tend to be a bit pricey.
      Making almond butter at home ensures that it is natural and free of any preservatives.

      • says

        I can do all the exercises without any pain or problems. The only one thats not perfect is the one on the table with my back down and hang a leg off. I can almost touch the table with my thigh and my shin is straight down.I have pain in my butt muscle and lower back but ca71n82&#;t find where it’s coming from. Started when I added biking into my running routine. Trying to do a triatholon in spring. frustrated.

  4. Dee Mac says

    I’m nuts about Almonds and Peanuts and really enjoyed reading your review, cheers for the invaluable info 🙂

    • Adam says

      When I buy from the store I usually go for Gopal’s sprouted peanut butter. Not sure if you’ve heard of the brand, but I love the taste!

  5. Mariam says

    Hi Adam! Really enjoyed your article! I wonder why almond butter hasn’t gained as much popularity as peanut butter on shop shelves, given its superior nutritional values! Am on my way out to get a food processor to try your recipe! Thanks for sharing!

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