Anabolic Cooking Review: 200+ Muscle Building Recipes

Review of: Anabolic Cooking Variety Over 200 muscle-building recipes spread across breakfast, chicken, red meat, fish, salads, desserts, and more. Ease of Use You can easily prepare all of your meals for the week within 2-3 hours on a Sunday. Features You start out with a calorie calculator and choose a meal plan according to […]

The Ultimate Guide To Designing Your Own Mass Building Workout Split

Your body and lifestyle are like anyone else’s, so why shouldn’t that hold true for your mass building workout program as well?This guide will walk you through a system to design your own training program, custom-tailored towards your particular attributes, schedule, and lifestyle. In essence, you will become your own personal trainer.Step 1 – Choosing […]

Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Updated For 2016

Review of: Adonis Golden Ratio Structure Specific guidelines for workouts and nutrition based on your goal. Ease of Use Easy to use nutrition calculator, workout templates, and meal plans. Workouts may be difficult for complete begginers Effectiveness AGR will emphasize the appearance of your upper body. There is less focus on lower body development. Support Responsive […]

Becky’s Transformation With The F4X Training System

Becky Achieved This Transformation In Under 4 Months While In Her Mid 40s!  Becky went through her first few years in her 40s in perhaps her worst shape ever—not a good way to enter the prime of life.  She finally made a promise to herself: It was time to change and prove to herself that she could achieve […]

Periodization Training Cycles: The Key To Consistent Results

Get the low down on periodization training cycles and understand how to design your strength training program for consistent gains over the long-term.Training in the same style for an extended period of time causes a stagnation of results. This is where the concept of periodization comes in. Periodization is a manipulation of the acute training variables […]