Natural Ways To Boost Immune System – Simple & Effective

Happy Metabolism Everyday we are exposed to millions of microorganisms that try to enter our body. If it wasn’t for our immune system, we wouldn’t last very long in this world of intense competition. The immune system is our body’s defence protocol against infection and disease.  Discover some natural ways to boost immune system function so you can lower your susceptibility of getting sick.


Keeping up with healthy living standards will benefit all areas of your life. The two major factors that determine our body’s functioning level are…you guessed it, diet and exercise. Diet and exercise promote overall health. It should be of no surprise that people who eat well and go to the gym also get sick less often.

Kick The HabitStop smoking! Studies have shown that smokers have a lower proportion of protective antioxidants in their blood. This causes them to be more susceptible in catching the common cold, the flu, or even pneumonia. Also, smokers are seen to go through longer periods of recovery time. There is nothing good that can come out of smoking. Make the decision to quit now and prove to yourself that you have the will power!

Be Happy

More and more research is being done on how emotions affect our overall health. Turns out that happy people have stronger immune systems. This point was actually proven by a study done at Carnegie Mellon University. Researchers took 193 healthy adult volunteers and had them fill out surveys to determine the types of emotions they had felt over the past two weeks. The participants were then categorized into three categories (low, medium, high) based on their emotional style (positive, negative). The participants were then exposed to the flu virus and put into quarantine for a week. Research findings indicated that participants who were reportedly positive were less likely to catch the virus. (Link to the study)


MicronutrientsMicronutrients are vitamins and minerals that our body needs to maintain proper function. Micronutrient deficiency is a fairly common problem, even amongst the population of affluent countries. A deficiency in micronutrients results in a weaker immune system. The following is a list of micronutrients that you should be consuming to maintain optimal immune system performance.

Iron is a micronutrient responsible for the transportation of oxygen to every cell in your body. Iron is also associated with a healthy function of the nervous system. Turns out that iron deficiency is the most common type of micronutrient deficiency in the world. If you are having trouble getting adequate amounts of iron through your diet, then supplementation is another option.

Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are all linked with healthy immune system function. All of these vitamins work in conjunction, and therefore a deficiency in either one will result in sub optimal immune function.

Selenium is a mineral that is important in the production of many antioxidant enzymes. A selenium deficiency could put you at a higher risk of cancer.

Zinc is a mineral associated with a wide variety of body functions, including proper immune function. A zinc deficiency can result in a range of different symptoms. The recommended dosage of zinc is 20mg-25mg per day. Anything above that is too much, and an overdose can also inhibit immune system performance.

For me, the most convenient way to get all these micronutrients is through a daily multivitamin. Many people do not understand the importance of micronutrients, and thus do not consume adequate amounts through their diet. This affects them negatively in the long run.

Immunity Boosting Herbs and SupplementsHerbs

Herbs have been in use to promote overall health for a long time now. Researchers have only recently picked up an interest to study the exact effects that particular herbs have on our bodies. The problem is that everyone’s body’s are different and everyone responds to treatments differently. The following is a list of herbs that have been seen to support our immune system.

Larch extract comes from a particular type of tree bark. A recent study reported that the consumption of larch makes you less susceptible to getting colds. You can purchase larch extract from any herbal medication store.

Garlic has picked up a reputation of being an extremely effective immune system booster. Research has shown that regular garlic consumption makes you less susceptible to catching upper respiratory infections (e.g. coughs, colds, flu).

Oregano is popular for its anti bacterial properties. Consuming oregano oil can help clear your digestive track of unwanted bacteria. Cleanse your guy by consuming 2 tablespoons of oregano oil 3 times a day for a week.

Avocados are full of healthy fats and antioxidants that work to support your immune system. Aim to consume about a serving of avocado per day.

Graviola has long been studied for its possible tendencies against cancer. There hasn’t been enough conclusive evidence to say that graviola is effective against cancer, but the FDA has approved it as an effective immunity booster. Graviola consists of antioxidants and can result in better blood circulation.

Probiotics are classified as “good” bacteria that exist in your stomach to help with digestion. Some research has shown the ability of probiotics to counter “bad” bacteria and aid in the production of T cells. However, there is not enough conclusive evidence to show that probiotics are directly related with improved immune function.

Stress Less

There is no denying the fact that emotions play a role in affecting our physical health. Research has seen a number of diseases show up because of emotional stress. However, there is not enough conclusive evidence to directly correlate stress with the immune system. Still, there is no way that stressing can do you any good. Logically, it doesn’t even make sense to be stressed.

If there is something you are worried about then take action to solve that problem. If there is nothing you can do about the problem, then no point stressing. Right?

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  1. says

    Good information! I’m always looking for great tips and tricks on how to stay healthy. I’m 45 now so most likely in the ‘second half’ as it were, so I am totally going to use this.


  2. bryan says

    wow i had no idea some of these basic herbs could do so much! like oregano! I am very rarely sick and eat a lot of avocados well not a lot but enough. Being happy is great advice but i need to work on the stress lol. thanks for this awesome advice!

    • Adam says

      Herbs have been in use for a long time now but researchers have only recently begun studying their effects. Take a deep breath and relax, feel the moment, no need to stress!

  3. says

    I take a vegan multivitamin every day. I confess that I rarely ever get sick, but I’ve got a really good immune system. The multivitamin helps but I hardly got sick before that. Most of it is genetics, but I eat relatively healthy and I know my limits. I think that’s important too. If you’re sleepy, stressed or hungry, stop and do something about it. Don’t go beyond your limits. You’re stressing your body out when you do that, and your immune system is the first thing that’ll take a hit when you’re stressed.

    • Adam says

      You are right, genetics definitely plays a big role. You seem to really have a grasp over what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is some great advice!

  4. says

    Hi Adam!

    Really like your site I am always open to information on health and nutrition and especially boosting your immune system. Have saved your site under my WA favorites list-great reference resource to help me improve my health

    Good luck!


    • Adam says

      I am consistently adding new articles on topics as such as these.
      I am glad that this article helped you out!

  5. Andrea Gerak says

    Hi Adam, well written! Simple solutions indeed.
    I love garlic and avocados (unfortunately this green goodness is quite expensive here in Europe), and have to check out graviola, haven’t seen it.

    • Adam says

      Graviola is common in the Amazon rainforest in South America.
      Not sure if it is commonly available in Europe, but I’m sure you can find some speciality store that sells it.

    • Adam says

      Living an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to success in other areas of your life. Keep it up and you will soon start to see the manifestations!

  6. says

    This is wonderful information Adam.

    I would like to contribute two little tidbits that I know about for the immune system. The first is magnesium. This mineral is critical to the absorption of other vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. It’s work contributes greatly to the immune system. Many people now are lacking magnesium.

    I have researched this other tip over the course of years because my son has an immune disorder. Both Shitake Mushrooms and astragulus rebuild the whole immune system including the deep level bone marrow immune – which is the core of the immune system. These are both grow-able in North America so we can get them fresh.

    Hope this is helpful.

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