How to Stop Overeating – 9 Useful Ways

Why do People Overeat It is easy to eat too much food in one sitting with so many factors that will push you towards mindless eating, including stress, lack of sleep, boredom, deficiency of nutrients, and eating too fast.

How to Stick to a Diet: Tips with Easiest Diets

We all know that eating healthy helps us lose weight, have more energy, reduce risks of diseases, and improve our mood. Unfortunately for most people, getting the self-discipline to start and stick to a healthy diet program is something hard to come by. Whether you are having a liquid, ketogenic, low carb, or any other […]

15 Insanely Actionable Mass Building Diet Strategies

Altering your body composition comes down to only two factors: Diet and exercise. Considering that your workouts are on point, i.e. they include multiple sets of squat, bench press, and deadlift, then diet becomes the major factor in determining the quality of your lean mass gains. The following is a comprehensive list of 15 mass building diet strategies that […]

Reverse Taper Diet – A New Approach To Fat Loss

Reverse Taper Diet

The premise behind the Reverse Taper Diet is to gradually increase caloric intake up to a point where you are at your leanest. This may seem counter intuitive but will make sense once you understand the logic. Your body is a complex machine. Every function of your body has been honed over millions of years of […]

Pros and Cons of Paleo Diet

As a species we have been around for about 200,000 years. Up until about 12,000 years ago homo sapiens lived as nomadic hunter gatherers moving from place to place in search of food, usually consisting of wild animals and plants. Then came the agricultural revolution. Agricultural societies formed, animals were domesticated, and grains were grown. Given […]