Muscle Building Supplements That Actually Work

Muscle Building Supplements That Actually Work

The supplement industry makes over $12 billion worth of sales every year in the US alone. Discover the muscle building supplements that actually work.

Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements

  1. Protein Powder
  2. Creatine
  3. Super Mandro
  4. Ostra Shred
  5. Anafuse

You are probably familiar with protein powder and creatine.

The final three are new range of supplements.

Super Mandro is a prohormone. Prohormones are a precursor to hormones, i.e. they are converted into hormones after entering the body. They provide the same effects AND side-effects as steroids but are able to be sold because of legal loopholes. If you are considering supplementing with prohormones, be sure to conduct extensive research. Prohormones should be dealt with the same caution as steroids.

The active ingredient in Ostra Shred, Ostarine, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). SARMs are compounds that are intended to have the same effects as anabolic steroids, but are much more selective in their action. So they work just like steroids but do not effect the prostate and other secondary organs. Ostarine was originally developed to treat muscle atrophy in cancer and osteoporosis patients.

Anafuse is a natural anabolic. Due to their non-hormonal and steroid-free characteristics, natural anabolics gained popularity after the wide ban on prohormone supplements as a powerful alternative. Natural anabolics have tremendous potential for so-called “hardgainers” due to their ability to drive nutrients into muscle formation.


A proper nutrition plan and workout regimen should always be your #1 priority. Sure, supplements can help but they should NEVER be a priority.

That being said, let’s get to it.

1. Protein Powder

Whey Protein For Muscle Building

The two most popular protein powders are whey and casein. Both are processed from milk.

Vegans can opt for plant based protein powders.


The benefits of protein in the muscle building process are obvious:

Protein comprises of amino acids, i.e. the fundamental building blocks of muscle.

Most of the protein powders on the market are sufficient in terms of bioavailability and amino acid balance.

There is nothing groundbreaking about protein powder, other than the fact that a typical serving delivers about the same nutritional profile as a 100g chicken breast.

Supplementing with protein powder provides a convenient source of protein on the go.


Protein powder can help meet your daily requirements of protein more effectively.


Claims have been made that too much protein consumption can lead to kidney damage and osteoporosis. These claims have not been backed by any solid evidence and are more myth than reality.

That being said:

Going overboard with protein can cause bloating, nausea, headaches, and even diarrhea.


There has been much debate about the optimal level of protein consumption.

I aim for about a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

I consume a whey isolate protein shake twice a day:

Once upon rising and once directly after working out.

2. CreatineCreatine For Muscle Building

Creatine is a molecule naturally produced in the human body that can rapidly produce energy and supply it to all cells in the body, primarily muscle cells.


Supplementing with creatine is associated with increased strength as well as an increased capacity for high intensity exercise. These two factors result in increased lean mass gains over time.

To get down to the science behind this:

Creatine in the body acts as a storage for high energy phosphate groups. When your body is going through periods of high stress, the phosphate groups release energy to aid the function of the muscle cells in the form of phosphocreatine. This mechanism is what causes the increases in strength.


Creatine can result in stomach cramping if not taken with adequate amounts of water.

Creatine can also cause diarrhea if too much of it consumed.


A loading phase is standard practice with creatine.

For the loading phase, consume 20 grams of creatine for the first 7 days and follow-up by taking 5 grams per day.

Some people choose to cycle creatine, e.g. 3 weeks on 1 week off.

Personally, I have been taking 5 grams of creatine for a while now (over a year?)

There are many different types of creatine on the market, but the one that has been tried and tested, and also happens to be the cheapest is creatine monohydrate.

3. Super Mandro

Super MandroThe active ingredient in Super Mandro is 1-Androsterone.

The body converts 1-Andosterone into 1-Testosterone, a hormone that is said to be about 7 times more anabolic than testosterone.

The second ingredient in Super Mandro is Bergamottin.

Bergamottin works to block the enzyme that breaks down 1-Testosterone, hence enhancing the effects of 1-Testosterone and allowing it to stay in the blood stream for a longer period of time.


I read about Super Mandro in a review by the highly knowledgeable John Doe.

Super Mandro is meant to be cycled for 30 days, and John Doe claims to have gained 15 pounds of lean muscle in the first 20 days alone!

People have left similar reviews online:

Super Mandro Muscle

Super Mandro Review


John Doe says that he has been extremely aggressive and irratable during his cycle of Super Mandro:

I had days where I was literally dumping pills out and counting them to see how many days I had left so I could stop using it and keep from killing someone!!

A number of other possible side effects can include:

  • kidney damage
  • dry joints
  • high blood pressure
  • seizure
  • depression


*John also mentions that he can’t believe Super Mandro is not illegal, but that it probably will be in the near future. 


With Super Mandro users will be taking 3 capsules daily with food over the course of 30 days, it is best to spread the dosages roughly 4 hours apart, and avoid taking the last dose within 4 hours of going to sleep.

The compounds in Super Mandro are “non-methylated” so they are considered to be non-toxic, so cycle support is not mandatory, but it always helps to add Protex by Vital Labs in.

With dry bulkers like Super Mandro dry joints may occur, for this we suggest that while you are on your cycle you supplement Joyful Joints by VL daily.

We highly suggest you add on a base supplement like Dermacrine by BPS or 4-Andro Rx, as during strong cycles like Super Mandro, your natural testosterone production may be suppressed which can lead to you feeling lethargic and a potential loss of libido during your cycle. A base supplement will help prevent these effects and allow you to cycle at your hardest.

Once you have completed your cycle make sure to follow it up with a 30 day Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), we suggest you go with the #1 rated PCT Post Cycle 3x by Vital Labs.

Many users like to stack their PCT with DAA Max by Vital Labs for added test boosting, this can only help to restore your natural testosterone production as quickly as possible.

4. Osta ShredOsta Shred Actually Works

 Osta Shred has two key ingredients:

  1. Ostarine: a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). What this means is that it only interacts with particular receptors in your body. The creators claim that ostarine only interacts with the receptors that aid muscle gain and fat loss and not with the ones that lower testosterone, decrease sex drive, and increase estrogen (common side effects of many other prohormones).
  2. Arimistane: an estrogen inhibitor to help cut body fat and water retention.


Again, I read about Osta Shred on John Doe’s blog. The following list of benefits is as described by him:

  • Increased muscle definition
  • Increased energy
  • Increased libido
  • Increased sense of well being
  • Faster recovery form workouts

Other users had similar things to say:


Osta Shred Second Review


I was unable to find any negative reviews from what I read online.

But with all supplements of this sort, you do run the risk of stuff like:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Kidney damage
  • Seizures
  • Head aches, etc


Dosing on Osta Shred is straightforward, you will be running it at 2 caps daily (25 mg a day), for 60 consecutive days. You will take one (1) capsule in the morning with food, and (1) one capsule 6-8 hours later with food.

Women, you will just want to take one (1) capsule daily with your first meal of the day, every day for 60 days.

With a 60 day cycle of Osta Shred, you will want to follow up with PCT, your best option for this is Post Cycle 3x by Vital Labs.

Many people like to stack their PCT with DAA Max by Vital Labs for maximum test boosting, this can only help to improve your PCT!

5. AnafuseAnafuse Muscle Building

The key ingredients in Anafuse are:

  1. Epicatechin: a powerful antioxidant that inhibits the production of Myostatin (a protein that actually limits muscle growth).
  2. Laxogenin: an anabolic building block that increases the rate of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.
  3. HICA: promotes faster muscle recovery as a metabolite of the amino acid leucine.


Again, John Doe was my go-to guy for a review of the list of benefits for Anafuse. Here are some points from the list he provided:

  • Increased muscle retention during a caloric deficit
  • Increased energy and motivation during workouts
  • Better muscle pump
  • Strength increases


Anafuse is still a relatively new supplement and I was unable to find any negative reviews.

One user reported to have experienced an upset stomach after taking Anafuse on an empty stomach.


With Anafuse you will be taking a total of 4 capsules daily. Take 2 capsules in the morning with food, and 2 capsules roughly 6 hours later with food.

For optimal results, this is a supplement that should be ran for 8-12 weeks (2-3 bottles).

Final Words

The supplement industry is full of scams and is constantly coming out with new marketing ploys to extract money from consumers.

The first two supplements on this list are obvious and various studies have revealed their effectiveness.

The final three (Super Mandro, Osta Shred, and Anafuse) should be only be used after having done your own extensive research. I have never experimented with these but after reading so many user reviews one point is fairly obvious:

They are muscle building supplements that actually work.

Prohormones are basically legal steroids.

Here are the supplements I use:

The final three supplements are sold exclusively on


  1. says

    I did a Anafuse and ostra shred cycle recently. For me both product’s did next to nothing. I’m 37 and been training for around 5 years now. I’m not sure if this product is more suited for younger people but I didn’t feel anything when taking either of these two. Hoping Super mandro is going to do more for me when I run that in new year.

  2. Spartan 22 says

    I had very good gains stacking Anafuse and OstaShred: roughly 8 pounds of muscle with lots of definition around the abs, and much greater muscle definition than I’m used to, though I started with a pretty decent base having spent the previous year bulking. I’d equate it to always looking like you just did a set of pushups and situps. This was my first time experimenting w/ prohormones so perhaps I got the most out of it and diminishing returns will set in on my next cycle.

    What I really loved was that the stack gave me dry gains, nullifying my need for much cardio (I swim several laps once a week; that’s it). Even better, once I kicked my training into overdrive to prepare for a fast approaching vacation by cutting all sugar, I looked incredibly ripped. Never before had I received so many compliments on my physique. Ran it 2 months and then did PCT for 6 weeks. I’m going to stick with this program until I hear news of something better.

    • Adam says

      Seems like you experienced some serious results there Spartan!
      Gaining 8 pounds in dry gains is solid!
      Really enjoyed reading about your experience, and would love for you to let me know if indeed you experience diminishing returns on gains.

  3. Titan says

    Just so you know…. Anafuse is not a pro hormone and therefor does not need a PCT. All pro hormones need a PCT. Anafuse does not do anything that deals with hormones in the body, therefor it is not a pro hormone, but what is considered a natural anabolic. Other than that great article.

    • Adam says

      Thanks for your comment Titan. I have updated the article after further research into natural anabolics and a chat with a representative over at Strong Supplement Shop.

  4. Teddy says

    You strill need to update the sentence under “Final Words”

    “The final three however (Super Mandro, Osta Shred, and Anafuse) are prohormones. I have never experimented with these but after reading so many user reviews one point is fairly obvious:”

  5. Melvin Jamar Walker says

    Teddy you are sadly mistaken as well as grossly misinformed…Osta Shred is a Sarm and Anafuse is an all natural muscle building supplement that doesn’t affect your hormones in anyway. NETHER BEING PROHORMONES.

  6. dan dawn says

    been using Anafuse for a while now. just checking my log book – 8 cycles of 8-12 weeks on average.
    i have always been quite athletic and I believe my fitness results come mainly from a very varied diet (micronutrients from as many different sources as possible).
    i cannot confirm any changes – in fact I believe the success of this depends entirely on individual’s ability to digest the ingredients and extract them and utilise them.
    same goes for bio-grow – bovine colostrum – there is still no conclusive long term research to support the idea that it should improve protein synthesis in your body or have any other similar effect. i gave it a shot for a year not really noticing any significant changes.
    again a very expensive product with uncertain results.

    a word of warning – the original wholesale price of most products sold by strong supplements… is much lower than what you get on the website – when you have it sent, the sender declares a value of about $1.45 per each item !! i wonder why?!

    this helped me to avoid paying hefty import tax but after I had paid a small fortune for their products.
    i do not think i will do anafuse or bio gro again.

    I will definitely not be persuaded to try any hormonal course as from my older colleagues and open celebrities like Dorian Yates I know that it can seriously mess up your natural hormonal balance and natural production for testosterone and HGH.

    • Adam says

      Dan, I definitely agree with you on the fact that the success of any supplement really comes down to whether an individual can appropriately digest the ingredients.

      In terms of messing up your natural hormonal balance, Anafuse is a natural anabolic and has no interference with your hormonal system.

      I appreciate you sharing your experience.

  7. dan dawn says

    i also had a chance of comparing results as my cousin decided to use it exactly the same way as me and since we train together we carefully observed individual reaction.

    occasional problems with digestion i put down to new bacteria in the gut and individual adaptation.
    otherwise i cannot confirm anafuse or bio-gro helped us with workout or recover in any way.

  8. dan dawn says

    one more thing – Ursobolic.

    after a month of taking this to support building of lean muscle only I was advised by one of the smart guys from strong supplement shop to only take this in cutting phase.
    he did not ask whether i do cutting phase just recommended not to use it in ‘bulking phase’ i wondered why.
    again, i have my weight and fat percentage checked every month, i use both a seven point calliper test and thanks to a friend of mine i have a body scan and compare the outcomes.
    i can honestly say that ursobolic, whatever it does to my body does not help me to stay lean or shred excess fat.

    when i dropped it, after about two moths of taking none of my previous additions(anafuse, biogro, ursobolic, joyful joints) i achieved very good results by going on a modified metabolic diet for mere three weeks! and adding cardio into non-gym days. i controlled the HR and kept it between 50-70 MHR and surprisingly my strictly diet controlled phase chiselled me without any problems,

    my advice is – save your hard earn money for fresh produce or to buy better equipment, none of the stuff i tried is worth the ‘investment’

    • Adam says

      As mentioned above, I have no experience using the final 3 supplements.
      I came across them through John Doe’s bodybuilding blog, and upon doing my research I came across many people across the web who had experienced great results.

  9. David Scott says


    From your research as well as your followers research, would it be more beneficial to take either a test booster or DAA and DIM during an Osta Shred cycle or take it with a PCT after the cycle?

    • Adam says

      Bro, I am not in the position to give you an answer because I have no knowledge on the topic.
      Your best bet is to head over to and get on with a representative on live chat. They will be able to answer your question.

      All the best.

  10. AnonymousLifter says

    So as of late 2017, Osta Shred is no longer available. It looks like there is some kind of crackdown on dietary supplements that include SARMs, So any supplement manufacturer that wants to avoid trouble and stay reputable is discontinuing these products. The site mentioned above that used to sell Osta Shred is now doing a little more promotion of the prohormone products instead.

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