Double Chin Exercises: Instructions and How They Help

What is a Double Chin and What Causes it

Submental fat, or double chin – as it is commonly called, occurs as a result of fat accumulation below your chin, causing chubby cheeks and jaws. Although a double chin is normally linked with weight gain, it can also occur due to aging, poor posture, and genetics.

While in some people it might just be unpleasant to look at, a double chin may indicate some serious underlying health problems, including hyperthyroidism, and infections of the sinus, kidney, and salivary glands. Therefore, it is important that you try to get rid of it, and there are a number of exercises to help you regain the firmness of the jaw and facial muscles in a natural way.

Double Chin Exercises Before and After

Do These Exercises Work to Lose Chin Fat

Although there is no scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of these exercises, informal evidence relying on personal experiences suggest that these can help you in reducing fat accumulation around the chin.

If you have a double chin genetically, these exercises may still help in tightening the area around your jaw, but it might not be enough to get a chiseled chin and jawline. In such a case, you may consult a doctor and choose to lessen your double chin through some non-invasive procedures like mesotherapy (that uses the drug Kybella) and lipolysis (using liposuction).

9 Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin

For double chin removal, here is a list of simple workouts; you can repeat each about 10 times and do one or more sets a day.

Face Exercises to Reduce Double Chin

These exercises help strengthen your facial muscles and tone the skin around your jaws and cheeks.

1. Tongue Stretch

Double Chin Removal Exercise

  • Stick your tongue out while looking straight ahead.
  • Press your tongue upwards towards the nose.
  • Pause for 10 seconds before releasing it.

2. Kiss the Ceiling

Exercise to Lose Chin Fat

  • Tilting your head back, look upwards towards the ceiling.
  • Stretch the area below your chin by puckering your lips up as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling.
  • Stop puckering your lips and bring the head back to its original position.

3. Resistance Exercise

Exercise to Reduce Double Chin

  • Clench your fists and put them directly under the chin.
  • Bring your lower jaw down on the fists and try to overcome the resistance.
  • Gradually increase the pressing force of the chin until you reach the maximum resistance.
  • Pause for 3 seconds and then relax.

Neck Exercises to Lose a Double Chin

The following exercises help you in moving all the muscles around your neck, as well as the chin and jaw, thereby lessening the fat accumulated in those areas.

1. Straight Jaw Jut

Sagging Chin Exercise

  • Tilting your head backward, look upwards towards the ceiling.
  • Move your lower jaw forward so that you can feel your chin area stretched.
  • Hold the position and count from 1 to 10.
  • Tuck your chin in and return to the original position.

2. Bottom Jaw Jut

Exercise to Tighten Neck and Chin

  • While looking forward, turn your head to your right and slide the bottom jaw forward.
  • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds before releasing it.
  • Repeat by turning your head to the other side.
  • Do the movement 5 times on each side.

3. Neck Stretch

Exercise to Reduce Double Chin Fast

  • Tilting your head backward, look upwards at the ceiling.
  • Push your tongue up against the roof of the mouth.
  • Pause for 5-10 seconds and then release.

Yoga to Tighten a Sagging Chin

1. The Giraffe

Facial Yoga Exercise for Double Chin

  • Sitting comfortably on a yoga mat, look straight ahead.
  • Placing your fingers at the bottom of the neck, gently stroke the skin downward.
  • At the same time, tilt your head back.
  • Then bend your neck so that your chin touches the chest.
  • Perform 2 repetitions.

2. The Dumbbell Technique

  • Sitting on the floor or a yoga mat, lift your chin upwards.
  • Open and close your mouth alternately and do it consistently for about 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise 3 times.

3. The Fish Expression

Exercise to Reduce Double Chin and Cheeks

  • While sitting or standing on the floor, suck your lips in so that your mouth resembles that of a fish.
  • Turn your head right, then left, and finally up.
  • Hold the upward position for about 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise 3 times.

When trying to reduce a double chin, just be patient because you will not lose it overnight. Depending on its size, it may take several months before your skin is tightened. Aside from exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet increases your chances of losing fat around your chin.

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