How to Get Bigger Forearms Fast With and Without Using Weights

Why Make Your Forearms Bigger Your forearms are probably the most exposed muscle group of the entire arm. Therefore, it is a good idea to train them and make them bigger to look symmetric and complete. Those who have naturally-built big forearms may benefit by directly working the muscles using pull-ups and presses, but those […]

Best Chest Workout For Mass – Build Huge Pecs

Get Huge Pecs

Training for size means training for hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a process whereby the muscle adapts and changes in response to stress, namely, resistance training. The higher your body’s muscle composition, the more energy it takes to retain it. Our bodies strive for efficiency and therefore aim to limit energy expenditure. In other words, your body […]

Best Shoulder Workout For Mass – Deltoid Destruction

Best Shoulder Workout For Mass

Broad shoulders are the staple to a classic V-tapered look that so many men in the gym strive for. Shoulders are a stubborn body part to grow. This is because we use them in so many of our everyday movements. Literally any movement of your arms involves the use of your shoulders. If you are […]

When is the Best Time to Exercise

Because of our tight schedule in today’s world, some prefer to exercise before work in the morning, while others do it after work in the evening. With personal preferences playing an important role and scientific evidence backing both, there still may be a few things to consider before deciding.

How To Get Big Calves Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

How To Get Big Calves Fast

In one year Arnold grew his calves from twigs into trunks. Discover Arnold’s tips on how to get big calves fast. The Calf is made up of two muscles: Soleus: The larger of the two calf muscles that runs from just below the knee all the way down to the heel. Gastrocnemius: The smaller of the […]

How To Get Big Legs Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

Arnold Squatting For Bigger Legs

Arnold had to work extra hard on his legs for his lower body to match his upper body. Discover how to get big legs fast with Arnold’s top tips. The front part of the thigh is made up by the quadricep muscles. The quadricep muscle works as the extensor of the leg. The quadricep gets […]