Butt Workout For Women: Building A Brazilian Booty

Butt Workout For Women

Building a Brazilian booty comes down to doing the right exercises. This butt workout for women will have you on your way to a rounder and more toned backside. Some women are gifted with an above average booty that is round and toned without having spent any time in the gym. Chances are, however, that if you’re reading […]

Back Workout For Women: Bring Out Your Sexy Back

Back Workout For Women

Emphasize the appearance of your physique with this back workout for women. Look even better in backless tops and trendy dresses. You can’t see your back in the mirror, and for this reason many men and women neglect training it altogether. This is a major mistake. The back is the largest muscle group of the […]

Leg Workout For Women: Shapely Gams And A Rounder Butt

Leg Workout For Women

This leg workout for women includes exercises that will specifically target the areas of your lower body for toned legs and a rounder butt. (Scroll down for the actual workout) Most women in the gym tend to put more emphasis on their lower body compared to their upper body. Many have been doing the same workouts day […]

Shoulder Workout For Women: Sculpt Your Delts

Sexy Sculpting Shoulder Workout For Women

A solid set of round shoulders is the key to the development of a well proportioned physique. This shoulder workout for women, put together by IFBB Bikini Pro Brittany Tracy, includes exercises that will emphasize the look of your physique with better tone and posture. Anatomy the Deltoid The shoulder muscle is comprised of three separate heads: […]

Chest Workout For Women – Boost Your Bust

Chest Workout For Women

This chest workout for women, put together by female fitness expert Shannon Clark, includes exercises that are specifically designed to boost your bust. . Too many women skip out on chest training altogether. If you want a great upper body, you cannot make the same mistake. Listed below are some common misconceptions that women have about training […]

Arm Workout For Women: Adding Shape And Tone

Arm workouts for women

This arm workout for women is specifically designed to add tone to your arms and emphasize the shape of your body. Look even better in sleeveless. A major mistake many women make in the gym is lifting too light. Understand: Putting on muscle is a not an easy process and women do not produce nearly enough […]