Best Chest Workout For Mass – Build Huge Pecs

Get Huge Pecs

Training for size means training for hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a process whereby the muscle adapts and changes in response to stress, namely, resistance training. The higher your body’s muscle composition, the more energy it takes to retain it. Our bodies strive for efficiency and therefore aim to limit energy expenditure. In other words, your body […]

How To Get Big Calves Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

How To Get Big Calves Fast

In one year Arnold grew his calves from twigs into trunks. Discover Arnold’s tips on how to get big calves fast. The Calf is made up of two muscles: Soleus: The larger of the two calf muscles that runs from just below the knee all the way down to the heel. Gastrocnemius: The smaller of the […]

How To Get Big Legs Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

Arnold Squatting For Bigger Legs

Arnold had to work extra hard on his legs for his lower body to match his upper body. Discover how to get big legs fast with Arnold’s top tips. The front part of the thigh is made up by the quadricep muscles. The quadricep muscle works as the extensor of the leg. The quadricep gets […]

Muscle Building Supplements That Actually Work

Muscle Building Supplements That Actually Work

The supplement industry makes over $12 billion worth of sales every year in the US alone. Discover the muscle building supplements that actually work. Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements Protein Powder Creatine Super Mandro Ostra Shred Anafuse You are probably familiar with protein powder and creatine. The final three are new range of supplements. Super Mandro is a […]

Fat Loss Supplements That Work According To Research

Ripped Couple Takes Fat Loss Supplements

This supplement stack has been experimented with and results have proven its effectiveness. Discover the natural fat loss supplements that work. The PAGG Stack Policosanol Alpha-lipoic acid Green tea flavanols Garlic extract 1. Policosanol Policosanol is a natural extract of plant waxes, most commonly from sugar cane. It is sold as a nutritional supplement with the intended […]

How To Get Ripped Abs Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

Arnold's Tips On How To Get Ripped Abs

Discover how to get ripped abs fast as Arnold reveals his favorite exercises, tips, and tricks on how he developed his shredded mid-section. The core is made up of three muscles: The rectus abdominis is the muscle referred to as the abs or abdominals. It runs from the pubis all the way up to the ribs. […]