The Six Principles Of Strength Training For Muscle Growth

strength training principles

 Follow these six principles of strength training to plan your workouts for maximal effectiveness and make continuous progress towards your fitness goals. People involve in strength training for a wide variety of reasons. Most are interested in gaining muscle strength and mass with a simultaneous focus on dropping body fat. Athletes involve in strength training to see […]

Butt Workout For Women: Building A Brazilian Booty

Butt Workout For Women

Building a Brazilian booty comes down to doing the right exercises. This butt workout for women will have you on your way to a rounder and more toned backside. Some women are gifted with an above average booty that is round and toned without having spent any time in the gym. Chances are, however, that if you’re reading […]

How To Increase Your Bench Press: A Plan Based On Science

increase bench press fast

Discover how to increase your bench press by up to 25 pounds in 6 weeks using this workout based on a recent study. A question that always tends to come up in a discussion between two gym bros is: “How much do you bench?” For good reason as well. Working the pecs, delts, arms, and to some extent the back, […]

My Experience With Adonis Golden Ratio

I came across Adonis Golden Ratio probably the same way you did: Through an online advertisement. Health wise, I wasn’t completely out of shape but I had realized the importance of a structured plan in order to achieve my goals faster. I went on to watch the AGR sales video and eventually bought in to the program. […]