Old School New Body Gets Reviewed – F4X Training System Exposed

What Is It?

A 100-page eBook with workouts and nutritional guidelines.

Short Review

Old School New Body markets itself as a means to “reverse the aging process in just 90 minutes a week with the F4X Training System”.

Most people don’t know that lifting weights in itself is an activity closely associated with reversing the ageing process at a gene level. (Refer to this study for more on this).

Does this program meet the hype or is it just another well marketed fad? I’d say it lies somewhere in between.

The term “F4X” stands for Focus 4 eXercises. These 4 exercises are the Squat, Incline Press, Bent Over Row, and Upright Row. Steve explains that every workout in OSNB is circled around these 4 exercises because they provide the most bang-for-your-buck in terms of getting results.

Steve also provides a very dense overview of the science behind lifting weights and why it’s the best activity to engage in to prolong your life expectancy.

Chapter Summaries

Old School New Body Table of Contents I will now go more in depth to provide you with an overview of each of the individual chapters in Old School New Body so you know exactly what type of information the product includes.


In the introduction Steve talks about how the Old School New Body program came to be.

The program is based off of the old training logs of Vince Gironda.

Vince Gironda was nicknamed the “Iron Guru” and is a top bodybuilder from the 1950s era of bodybuilding.

Gironda was the guy who introduced the concept of training to failure to ensure a maximal metabolism boost.

The whole gist of the F4x system is to get a beginner started in the most efficient manner in order to see results with the minimum effective dose of working out (MED).

MED means the smallest amount of activity that will produce a desired outcome.


In the preface they talk about the science behind how lifting weights reverses the aging process.

They talk about the F4X as being a one size fits all approach for senior citizens, teenagers, men and women alike. I don’t agree with this point. There is no “one size fits all approach” to lifting weights.

That being said, there is a best approach for beginners to get started. Old School New Body provides a solid entry point for those who are new to lifting weights.

They also talk about how “age doesn’t matter” when it comes to getting in shape. Energy levels, capacity to gain muscle, and hormones are all factors that play into the muscle building process and vary with age. So, of course age matters. I guess that they added this statement to motivate the older lot coming into this program. It is misinforming nonetheless.

For example, if you are over 50, don’t expect to see the same results as a teenager raging with hormones.

The F4X System: Turning Fat Into Muscle

In this chapter they talk about the two different types of muscle growth and how the F4X system induces the release of growth hormone (GH).

The two types of muscle growth are:

  1. Myofibril: an actual expansion of the muscle fiber which best responds to training in the lower rep range with heavy weight.
  2. Sacroplasmic: an increase of glycogen uptake by the muscle which best responds to training in the higher rep range with moderate weight.

What I like about the F4X system is that the workouts focus on a 50/50 activation of both myofibril and sarcoplasmic  muscle growth. Getting a beginner started on training for both types of hypertrophy will be very effective. For a more detailed overview of the science behind building muscle, check out my article on the two different types of hypertrophy.

I have provided a screenshot of the rules for the F4X system to show you what it includes.


The F4X Lean Workout – Your 20-Minute Bellyfat Blow Torch

The F4X Lean Workout includes four basic exercises:

  1. Squats
  2. Bench Press
  3. Bent-over Rows
  4. Upright Rows

You do the same workout for 3 days and each workout is under 30 minutes long.

You will do 10 reps per exercise for 4 sets.

They call it the “Bellyfat Blow Torch” because performing these 4 compound exercises recruits multiple muscle fibers, pushing your metabolism into overdrive.

Joint Rejuvenation: Pain Free Sanity

This chapter features eating habits and exercises you can incorporate to relieve joint pain.

The major focus is on knee pain, back pain, and shoulder pain.

Get Motivated: Promise, Commitment and Change

This chapter provides further evidence about how lifting weights induces the release of hormones that increase life expectancy, i.e. reverse the aging process.

Furthermore, they ask you to list down your goals and why you want to take action towards getting in shape. This is a great action step to get people to actually follow through with their commitments.

This chapter lays out some good guidelines for setting goals and some interesting references to research studies.

F4X Automatic Cardio and the Forgotten Key to Leanness

A lot of people think that lifting weights is only to induce muscle growth.

The truth is that lifting weights is also very effective at burning fat.

The main focus of this chapter is that short rests in between sets has a similar effect on your body as high intensity interval training.

High intensity interval training has been proven to be the most effective cardio for fat loss.


The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be, and the more calories you will burn while at rest.

Transformation Sensation: Breaking Out of Chub Club

This chapter provides the details about the transformation of Becky Holman.

There is a full display of before/after pictures and a list of tips for how you can achieve similar results as her.

The transformation is impressive, but remember that the main way to change one’s body composition is via diet.

The diet tips provided include:

  • Eat more fiber
  • Eat vegetables

There are other tips for the nutrition side of things as well, but overall the nutrition aspect of Old School New Body is not given enough emphasis.

The F4X Shape Workout: Lard-to-Hard Blast-Off

I must say, they do great with the compelling chapter titles.

In this chapter they provide three workouts that move a step up from ones previously provided.

There is an addition of some exercises, but the same principles of the 4 sets of 10 reps apply.

At the end of the chapter there are some illustrations about how to perform the movements properly, but you’d do better to look up tutorial videos on YouTube.

The F4X All-Dumbbell Workout: Instant At-Home, New Body Solution

This chapter provides a workout at home solution for you if, for whatever reason, you cannot make it to the gym on a regular basis.

They advertise that you should purchase a particular type of dumbbell set and bench in order for you to complete the workouts as listed.

With the All-Dumbbell Home Workout, there really is no excuse to not workout.

Working out at home will not be as effective, but at least it cancels out the excuse of “I don’t have a gym membership”.

Lean Machine Diet: Facts and Fallacies

This chapter talks about timing your carbohydrate intake. This is a key aspect when it comes to losing weight.

They talk about how directly after a workout your muscles are like a sponge and will soak up any carbohydrates that you eat.

The main reason so many people get fat is because:

  • They eat too many carbs
  • They don’t workout enough.

The main takeaway from this chapter is to maintain steady levels of insulin throughout the day, except for after your workout.

Eat More, Lose Fat, Build Muscle

This chapter provides simple guidelines for healthy eating:

  • Six meals throughout the day
  • 25g of protein per meal
  • Daily carbs and protein about the same
  • 20-30% of calories from fat

There are three sample meal plans provided and 10 simple tips.

The Truth About Alcohol

This chapter talks about the problems of binge eating after a night out of drinking.

Basically if you eat a huge meal after a night out, your body will have to use the calories from the alcohol first, and in turn all the calories from the food will go straight to your fat cells.

In essence:

Keep your drinking habits in moderation, and completely cut out alcohol if you are looking to reach single digit body fat.

Your Three Key Fat-to-Muscle Supplements

The three key supplements that they list in this chapter are:

  • Whey Protein
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Phosphatidyiserine

They talk about how these supplements can boost your progress towards losing fat and gaining muscle.

The first two supplements are fairly common amongst most gym-goers, but the final one I am not sure of.

Phosphatidyiserine apparently works to lower cortisol levels, but I have had no experience with it.

Old School New Body Q&A

This section covers some common questions you may have about the program such as:

  • Whats the number one thing I can do to start dropping fat now?
  • What exercises can I do to get a six pack?
  • How do I keep my motivation strong in my mid 40’s?

Pretty standard stuff.

Advanced Training: The Full Range Build Workout

In this chapter they cover a workout routine that steps it up a notch from the previous F4X shape workout.

There are workouts that span over 4 days:

  • Chest, Back, Abs
  • Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
  • Delts, Arms
  • Legs, Chest, Back

These are relatively more difficult workouts, but follow the same principles of the standard 4 sets of 10 reps with 30-45 seconds of rest in between sets.

What I Liked

Most of the information provided in Old School New Body is legit and they cite some pretty credible resources for some of their claims.

Also, it serves as a good compilation for a beginner looking to understand the benefits of lifting weights on their body. If someone is not sold on the idea that lifting weights can improve the quality of their life, going through Old School New Body Can definitely work to change that perspective.

The workout routines they provide are perfect for someone looking to get started with lifting weights. The focus on the two different types of hypertrophy training can really cut back on the time to see results, especially for those new with lifting weights.

What I Didn’t Like 

The major aspect of Old School New Body that I didn’t like was the lack of emphasis on the nutrition side of things. They do well to provide some general guidelines but not enough for a real step-by-step process.

There is also very few meal plan samples for someone looking for diversity in their eating schedule.

Final Word


The Verdict

Old School New Body is a solid program for someone who is new to lifting weights.

Old School New Body will not provide as much value for the advanced lifter.

Get Started Today… Risk Free

For the value it provides, Old School New Body is relatively inexpensive. A personal trainer can cost upwards of about $60/hour, and you can get started for way cheaper.

Plus, you are offered a 60 day guarantee-if for whatever reason you feel like you don’t like it, you can receive a refund with no questions asked. Like anyone who is confident in what is being offered, they take all of the risk, not you.

I have provided a summary of each of the chapters of Old School New Body so you know exactly what type of information to expect upon purchase.

I hope that my Old School New Body Review provided you with the information you were looking for. Click here to read through the offer page, and if you like what you read, get started on your journey to fit.

Feel free to leave comments underneath this review if you have any further questions about this program.

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  1. PD says

    Thank for the great and revealing review. It is impressive that they have done so much work to bury an honest review. It took me five google pages to wade through there many product selling web reviews to find your honest and fair review – great job and again thank you.

  2. says

    Thanks for the review. Lecithin is an easily available and cheap source of phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine. Its most available source is runny egg yolks but organic soy lecithin is sold in most supermarkets. It has been promoted as an anti-aging supplement for many decades but not a great deal of research has been undertaken.
    For anyone who has had their gall bladder removed, lecithin will help them digest fats but it probably helps with the health of all brain and nerve tissues as these cells are largely made up of lecithin-derived/related components.

  3. Bruce Gehring says

    I have been using the program for a full year. The shape program in dumbbell form I perform three times weekly. Off days I jog treadmill among other cardio circuits. I highly recommend the program. Am very pleased with my results.Is an easy read, entertaining and has some good information. After downloading, printed off a copy and had print shop make into book form . Great purchase, excellent value.

  4. Tony Adam says

    I was thinking of doing this but will definitely be looking into it further, There are sure to be some things I should be aware of before I decide to get it

  5. StarLight says

    Great Review most in depth in comparison to the other two I’ve read. Bummer about the meal plans/nutrition I was looking forward to that at least I got the heads up from you.
    I am a somewhat more experienced lifter but I still plan on getting this because I’m thinking it will provide a lot of helpful insight and strategies for me to assist clients with personal training.
    Thx, good job 🙂 I’m looking for a program for real intensive bodybuilding for other clients, do you have any recommendations? I was reading into Vince Delmonte no nonsense bodybuilding. It’s pretty popular from the looks of it so what are your thoughts on it? Is it top of class or do you know of something better. Interested to hear what you think.
    Take care thx again

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