Best Chest Workout For Mass – Build Huge Pecs

Get Huge Pecs

Training for size means training for hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a process whereby the muscle adapts and changes in response to stress, namely, resistance training. The higher your body’s muscle composition, the more energy it takes to retain it. Our bodies strive for efficiency and therefore aim to limit energy expenditure. In other words, your body […]

Chest Workout For Definition – Get Ripped Pecs

Best Chest Workout For Definition

When it comes to chest definition, many are lagging in terms of their upper chest. Now, the age old debate of whether it is possible to isolate the upper chest carries on. One side says that it is impossible to isolate parts of your pectorals while the other says that you can. In my opinion, it is […]

Perfect Male Body Measurements – Based On Science

Perfect Male Body Shape

Why is it that women find broad shoulders on men attractive? Because broad shoulders imply strength, valor, and virility. Also: It is human nature to perceive attractiveness based on the traits we most desire in a mate. Turns out that there is actually a science behind the perfect male body measurements. Discover how to develop your ideal physique. The Divine […]

Exercises For Rounded Shoulders – Improve Your Posture

Posture Types

Not only is bad posture unattractive to the opposite sex, but it can also be detrimental to your health. If you work an office job and spend most of your day in a chair, chances are that you suffer from bad posture. About 75% of people suffer from rounded shoulder syndrome. Discover the best exercises […]