How To Get Big Arms – Arnold’s Top Tips

How To Get Big Arms Fast Through Arnold's Methods

Go straight to the top for advice on how to get big arms fast. Arnold reveals the methods he used to develop the greatest arms of all time. The anatomy of the arm is composed of three major muscle groups: Biceps Brachii: The biceps have two heads that start under the shoulder and insert just […]

How To Get A Big Back Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

How To Get A Big Back

Every muscle in Arnold’s body was fine tuned to its peak potential. Arnold reveals his tips on how to get a big back fast. The back is the largest muscle group of the upper body. The muscles that make up the back are: Latissimus Doris aka Lats: Involved in the flexion of pulling the shoulder blades […]

How To Get Ripped Abs Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

Arnold's Tips On How To Get Ripped Abs

Discover how to get ripped abs fast as Arnold reveals his favorite exercises, tips, and tricks on how he developed his shredded mid-section. The core is made up of three muscles: The rectus abdominis is the muscle referred to as the abs or abdominals. It runs from the pubis all the way up to the ribs. […]

How To Get Big Calves Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

How To Get Big Calves Fast

In one year Arnold grew his calves from twigs into trunks. Discover Arnold’s tips on how to get big calves fast. The Calf is made up of two muscles: Soleus: The larger of the two calf muscles that runs from just below the knee all the way down to the heel. Gastrocnemius: The smaller of the […]

How To Get Big Legs Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

Arnold Squatting For Bigger Legs

Arnold had to work extra hard on his legs for his lower body to match his upper body. Discover how to get big legs fast with Arnold’s top tips. The front part of the thigh is made up by the quadricep muscles. The quadricep muscle works as the extensor of the leg. The quadricep gets […]

How To Get A Big Chest Fast – Arnold’s Top Tips

How To Build A Big Chest

Arnold’s signature body part was his chest. Find out how to get a big chest fast with Arnold’s favorite exercises, tips, and tricks. The chest is made up of the pectoral muscles. The pectoral muscles are shaped like a fan and spread out to cover the rib cage like the plates of an armor. The pectorals […]