Leg Workout For Mass – Build Monstrous Quads

Legs. Not the most flashy body part, but the foundation of your physique nonetheless. Squats have often been called the “king of all exercises”, and for good reason. Squats trigger the production of growth hormone and testosterone like no other exercise. If you are serious about developing a complete physique, an extensive leg routine should be the […]

Arm Workout For Mass – Build Huge Bi’s & Tri’s

Who doesn’t want bigger arms? Arms are the one muscle group that the rest of the world can see when you’re in a t-shirt. If it is massive arms that you seek, get ready to push yourself. This arm workout for mass combines bicep and tricep supersets for an insane pump and maximum gains! [color-box]Free Bonus: Discover the [thrive_2step […]

Best Back Workout For Mass – Wide & Thick

Best Back Workout For Mass

Along with the shoulders, a wide back can really emphasize a V-Tapered physique that so many men strive for. There are two main movements to back training: rowing and pulling. Rowing puts focus on building back thickness while pulling puts focus on back width. A fully developed back, as you can see in the picture above, […]

Best Shoulder Workout For Mass – Deltoid Destruction

Best Shoulder Workout For Mass

Broad shoulders are the staple to a classic V-tapered look that so many men in the gym strive for. Shoulders are a stubborn body part to grow. This is because we use them in so many of our everyday movements. Literally any movement of your arms involves the use of your shoulders. If you are […]

Best Chest Workout For Mass – Build Huge Pecs

Get Huge Pecs

Training for size means training for hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a process whereby the muscle adapts and changes in response to stress, namely, resistance training. The higher your body’s muscle composition, the more energy it takes to retain it. Our bodies strive for efficiency and therefore aim to limit energy expenditure. In other words, your body […]