Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Updated For 2016

Adonis Golden Ratio System – A Comprehensive Review

In my Adonis Golden Ratio Review, I go over the details of everything included with purchase and whether it’s worth the $37.

Review Updated: May 22, 2016

Who is Adonis Golden Ratio Intended For?

AGR offers three different workout, nutrition, and supplementation plans.

Each is geared towards a particular goal of either fat loss, muscle gain, or fat loss with simultaneous muscle gain.

AGR is being marketed to everyone at every level, but the workout plans may be intense for the completely newbie.

What’s Included

After purchase you get access to:

  • Theory of Ideal Proportions (eBook by John Barban)
  • Nutrition Software
  • Training Program
  • Meal Plans
  • Access to the Community
  • Bonuses

I am going to provide an overview of each of these individually.

Theory of Ideal Proportions

Barban talks about the prevalence of steroids in the fitness industry and how magazines are selling you on a physique that is unattainable without them. Some of his claims are exaggerated, but basically he explains how he shifted his focus from gaining size to developing the perfect body proportions.

He explains that humans have been hardwired to look for particular physical traits in potential mates and that his program is developed to get you the body that females find most attractive.


To get you the ideal shoulder circumference to waist ratio.

Barban writes about the ancient Greek sculptors and how they were renown for their depiction of the perfect male body. He explains how he implemented this knowledge into his workout program.


The Golden Ratio is the number 1.618. It is expressed in these ancient masterpieces as the ratio between the shoulders (a+b) and the waist (a). (a+b)/(a)=1.618

Every chapter is followed by a success story complete with pictures and an interview.

The 128 page eBook is basically an overview of what the program is based on. You can skim through the book to gain a better understanding of what the golden ratio actually is.


This classic physique has made its way from ancient Greece on to the sets of modern hollywood

Nutrition Software – Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator

You start the program by entering your body dimensions into the nutrition software which then outputs a list of weekly targets.

The software is good because it takes into account your waist measurement.

Waist measurement is a good indicator of body fat percentage.

I wouldn’t, however, follow the recommendations from the nutrition calculator blindly.

Two people can have similar measurements but a different body composition and metabolism. Measurements alone are not 100% accurate in determining how many calories you should be consuming.

That being said:

The Nutrition Software does provide you with some solid reference points to get started.

As you move through the program you will gain an understanding of how your body responds.

The key will be to keep track of everything as you move along. See what works and see what doesn’t.

Don’t be afraid to experiment by altering the recommendations from the software.

Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator

Training Program – Adonis Golden Ratio System

There are three plans for three different goals:

  • muscle gain
  • fat loss
  • combined muscle gain and fat loss.

You enter your height, waist, and weight measurements into a software that is meant to determine your main goal.

This software is very general and you’d do better to determine your own goal.


The fat loss plan is with the primary goal of losing weight while the muscle gain plan is with the primary goal of gaining weight.

Most people will fall somewhere in between.

The combined muscle gain and fat loss plan is the best option unless you are on either end of the extreme (overweight or extremely skinny).

Within each plan are workout, nutrition, and supplementation programs.

Plan Calculator

The workout programs are simple to follow and laid out on a day to day basis.

This is not to say that they will be easy.

The workouts include pyramid sets, super sets, and circuit training. They will be hard and you will have to push yourself.

I recommend that the completely newbie get some gym experience under his belt before starting this program.

The “muscle gain” and “combined muscle gain and fat loss” workout routines are similar in exercises but vary in intensity.

The fat loss workout routine is different in that it focuses a lot on circuit training; one exercise after the other with minimal rest and high reps.

Barban excludes deadlifts.

He says that they increase your waist and “make you look less attractive”.

It is possible to develop a visually aesthetic physique without deadlifts.


Incorporating deadlifts into your routine will work to promote overall body strength and mass.

I usually do 4 sets of deadlifts once a week at the end of  a back workout.

The nutrition programs start out by providing an overview of basic nutrition principles.

A concept that really made sense to me, and that I hadn’t heard of before, is reverse tapering.

The logic behind reverse tapering is:

The lower your body fat, the less your body will prefer to use fat for fuel, and the harder it will be to lose additional body fat.

To overcomes this dilemma the solution proposed is to gradually increase calories as your body fat drops until you get to a point of optimal maintenance. That’s the basic premise behind reverse tapering, but Barban goes into further detail explaining why this works.

The program provides detailed guidelines on how to design your diet to follow Reverse Tapering principles.

The nutrition program is included to provide you with the information to help you develop an understanding of what “healthy eating” actually entails.

The specifics of what you will be eating are included in the Meal Plans section.

The nutrition program is meant to work in conjunction with the nutrition calculator.

The supplementation programs recommend some products that, in my mind, are “questionable”.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend staying away from the test boosters and fat burners.

I have laid out a list of supplements that I use based on my goals.

Some of them are included in the AGR supplementation program and some aren’t.

Muscle Building

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Fish Oil
  • Multivitamin

Fat Loss

  • Whey Protein
  • Fish Oil
  • Omega 6
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Multivitamin
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (to preserve muscle)

There is no need to complicate your supplementation plan.

Your major focus should be on nutrition.

Supplementation can enhance your efforts and get you to where you want faster, but do not make it your primary focus.

Seen Enough?
 Buy Adonis Golden Ratio Using a 1 Time Payment of $37 >>>> (affiliate link)
 Or Pay $9.95 now and pay the rest 7 days later if satisfied >>>> (affiliate link)

Meal Plans

There are a total of 9 meal plans.

Each one provides you with the guidelines of what to eat each day for the full 84 days.

Each day is divided into 6 meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 3 snacks.

That is 504 meal ideas for each meal plan!

The guidelines are broken down into meal proportions, item proportions, and preparation suggestions.

There is also a grocery list at the end of each week with a list of all the ingredients you will need to prepare the meals as listed.

The meal plans are AWESOME for anyone looking to leave the guesswork out of the nutrition side of things.

Keeping track of macros can be a fleeting process, and it is also difficult to come up with meal ideas everyday.

With everything laid out, it makes the whole process a lot smoother.


The community aspect of the product separates AGR from other fitness programs.

The forums are fairly active with over 10,000 threads and over 44, 000 members.

As part of a community, you are in touch with a bunch of people who are on the same path as you.

The forums are a good place to keep track of your progress. Sharing your goals with others will hold you more accountable to actually following through.Community Statistics

Another cool aspect of the community is the Adonis Index Contest.

There are 3 contests a year with a prize of $500 each.

You submit a “before” picture and enter all your current measurements. You have 12-20 weeks to prepare for your “after” picture.

Entering a contest is a great way to get and stay motivated.


Most products you buy online offer some type of “bonuses”

With the purchase of AGR you get access to:

  • The Adonis Arms and Abs Assault
  • 7 days out by Kyle Leon

The Adonis Arms and Abs Assault is a 4 week program that has workouts twice a week for a total of 8 workouts.

That is 4 weeks of specialized arm and ab training, i.e. the glory muscles.

Apparently 94% of men don’t maximize their potential for these two body parts.

7 days out is an eBook intended to give the training and nutritional guidelines for the last 7 days before a photoshoot. It is designed for people who have gone through the Adonis Golden Ratio program and looking to lose that last bit of weight.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Step-by-step process for both exercise and nutrition
  • Different plans for different goals
  • Weekly updated nutrition plan
  • Active Community


  • No deadlifts (apparently they increase waist size?!)
  • Not enough focus on lower body
  • Bad publicity and complaints about Kyle Leon (marketing mind behind this product)
  • After you pay, some additional up-sells
  • Exaggerated claims in the sales video

Final Rating: A

The problems I have with the program are:

  • A lack of deadlifts
  • Questionable supplementation program
  • Generalized nutrition software
  • Exaggerated claims in the sales video

My rating is based on the value of materials you get access to for the $37 price tag.

The meal plans alone provided me with a value greater than $37.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, there is always the 60 day money back guarantee*.

*Over the years, I have refunded many products on ClickBank. It is a very straightforward process.  

Adonis Golden Ratio At a Glance

Name: Adonis Golden Ratio
Price: $37 one time payment
Creators: John Barban and Kyle Leon
Overall Rank: 88/100
Guarantee: Full Reimbursement within 60 days of purchase

Long story short: If you are willing to put the work in, want to develop the ideal body proportions, and you can afford it, the Adonis Golden Ratio system is a great set of guidelines to help you achieve your goal.

I tried to be as detailed as possible with my Adonis Golden Ratio Review, but leave any questions in the comments section if you require further clarification about the product.

– Adam


  1. Tony says

    Thanks for the very comprehensive review of the Adoins Golden Ratio workout and nutrition program. I have been getting of my supplements from GNC, but I am going to give this program a shot. Great review and I will share product with others at my gym.

    • Adam says

      Like most things worth having, getting a good body will be hard work. This program will definitely serve as an effective roadmap but you have to be ready to push yourself!

  2. says

    I can tell you from personal experience that this program is the real deal. Even without focusing on diet and the structure they have there, I’m half the size I used to be and my results have been very dramatic.

    I’m back in my 2nd cycle, as it’s never ending. I achieved my arms and shoulder ratios and have about another 6 inches I need to get off my waist before I hit it.

    High, high, HIGH recommend- do it exactly as they say though and you will surprise yourself.

    It’s the real deal.

    • Adam says

      Great to hear from someone who has actually tried the program.
      I appreciate you sharing your personal experience!

  3. says

    Very detailed review of Adonis Golden Ratio program!
    The nutrition software and meal plans sound great.
    A healthy diet is a big part of the fat loss plan.

    • Adam says

      Yup, a healthy diet is the cornerstone of any fat loss plan. As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat”.

    • Adam says

      Yup, that is the objective of my website: To provide honest, no nonsense reviews of hyped products.
      Glad that you found this helpful.

  4. says

    For the price and what you get, sounds like there is quite a bit in this product. Nice to see a community there you can be part of after purchasing as well. I’ve seen this advertised by quite a few people as well. Thanks for sharing some info on this

    • Adam says

      Yup it is quite a hyped product, but most of the people who have written reviews about it haven’t even used the product.
      I thought it would be useful for others to reveal the EXACT process of that the program follows.
      Glad that this was helpful 🙂

  5. Oliver says

    You did not review this “strange” payment system that is like the boogie man when you are 5 years old! It’s not a bank or any other financial entity, so what is it? I was ready, really ready to bite BUT A middle shadow. A black hole to throw my money into, I can hear it now “So who did you pay, got an address or phone #?”

    • Adam says

      Hey Oliver,

      Clickbank is the retailer that sells this program and the payment process is quite simple and straight forward.
      I have sent you an email with further clarification.

  6. Kevin says

    I am a diabetic – mild – I suppose with nutrition and exercise. Would you consider the program ok for a diabetic? I would probably stay away from the supplements. Thanks!

    • Adam says

      Hey Kevin,

      In a recent study people with type 2 diabetes were put on an exercise and diet program. Within a year 10% of the people in the study got off their diabetes medications or improved to the point where their blood sugar was no longer in the diabetic range.

      Whether or not this program is right for you will depend on how much experience you have with working out. As mentioned in the review, the workouts may be tough for the complete beginner. As per the diabetic side of things, proper nutrition and exercise will definitely help.

      I cannot really comment on how your diabetes will affect your ability to complete this program, but I hope my answer offered some clarification.

  7. Alex says

    Thank you for your detailed review and the time and effort put into this for others benefit. I like what I am reading about this product but I am wondering if there a better product/plan out there that you have reviewed? Right now I don’t have anything to compare this one to and so don’t know if there is a better option for my money.


    • Adam says

      Hey Alex,

      What are your goals?
      If you are just starting out, check out the free begginer hypertrophy program I have provided above.
      In terms of the products that I have reviewed, I have given this the highest rating because it delivers the most bang for the buck.
      However, as mentioned in the review, the goal of this program is developing the ideal proportions.
      If your goal is to get massive, then this might not be the best option for your money.

      Hope that offered you some further clarification 🙂

  8. says

    I know the price is 37$, but are there any additional charges I will see later? You did mention up sells. I want to make sure it is strictly the 37$. I really want to purchase it without any hidden fees.

    • Adam says


      Upon checkout you will see that the price you are being charged is $37. There are no hidden fees.

      After checkout you will be prompted with some up-sells. If you do not want to purchase the up sells just click on the not interested button which will be at the bottom.

      Feel free to contact me with any further inquiries.

  9. Jim says

    What can this program due for a 57-year-old male. I am not a natural athlete. I have moderately lifted weights for the past three years. I run and do the elliptical. Unfortunately I have the proverbial potbelly between 38 to 40 inches at 67 inches in height. I have no idea how to truly get ripped. My main focus it’s good general health as I age.

    • Adam says

      Hey Jim,

      The key to how our bodies look comes down to what we eat. This program will have you going through a very specific set of diet guidelines for your particular body type. By following the nutrition program, you are bound to drop some pounds.
      As for the workouts, they are tough. If you’re not used to pushing yourself in the gym, then they will be gruelling.
      You probably won’t get ripped in the three months of this program, but if you followthrough and try your level best each day to keep up with the diet guidelines and workouts, I’m positive that you will be in much better health over all.

      Hope that cleared some things up and let me know if you need any further clarification.

    • Adam says

      Hey Brian,

      I hope my review provided you with the information you were looking for and please do let me know how this program works out for you.


  10. Debanaries Fritz says


    I was wondering could you give a basic guideline of the best way to use the supplements that you mentioned that you used during your utilization of the AGR program. I would also like to thank you for your detailed review of the program and the time you took to do so as well.

    • Adam says

      Hey Debanaries,

      I hope my review provided you with the information you were looking for.

      As for the supps:

      Whey Protein – One serving upon waking and one directly after workout.
      Creatine Monohydrate – One serving directly after workout (although it doesn’t really matter when)
      Fish Oil – With a meal, usually lunch.
      Multivitamin – With breakfast.
      Acetyl L-Carnitine – 500 mg with breakfast, 500 mg with lunch, and 500 mg with dinner.
      BCAA’s – During workout.

      Good luck!

      • Debanaries Fritz says

        Is the Abs and Biceps program worth it because its no longer a free gift and costs 19.95 now and the free gift in its place is 17 cheat foods.

        • Adam says

          Its actually a pretty solid program.

          I would say to go through with the 12-weeks of the standard program first, and then if you feel like your arms and abs are lagging in development to start off with the arms & abs.

          Thanks for letting me know about this, I will update my review as such.

          UPDATE: I contacted the affiliate manager and now you are again able to recieve The Abs & Arms Assault Program as a bonus.

  11. Logan M says

    I appreciate the great review but I’m looking for a great program for myself and my significant other can do together would you happen to have anything like that that you’ve reviewed or heard of that I can look into also I was under the impression by the video that the $37 would get me a physical copy of the workout regimens and nutrition guide unfortunately I now am under the impression that it’s strictly a download able product ?

    • Adam says

      Hey Roger,

      You will not be able to complete the AGR workouts with just dumbbells because a lot of the exercises also involve the use of machines, barbells, plates, squat rack, and a chin-up bar.

  12. Jeff says

    I have a pretty severe knee issue (40-yo male) which prevents me from being able to do any lunges or squats. Are the remaining workouts sufficient for me to give this a try?

    • Adam says

      There are no lunges in the program but you could switch up the squats with leg press. Another exercise you will probably have problems with are stiff leg deadlifts. You could switch those up with leg curls.

      The rest of the exercises are all upper body so you should be fine.

  13. Mark says

    Does this program take age into consideration? I’m 58 and I’m not sure I build muscle as quickly as I once did.

    Also, what is your experience with your energy levels as a result of this program? I’m finding that I’m more easily fatigued as I get older and I’d like to get some of my energy back.

    Thanks for all your insights!

    • Adam says

      Hey Mark,
      Following through with the full 12 weeks of this program to the best of your ability will leave you in much better shape and health overall. The key will be in how consistently you show up to the gym and how closely you follow your personal nutrition recommendations.
      As for the energy levels, any type of exercise improves the body’s blood flow. Better blood flow=better energy levels. Also, the nutrition calculator will have you consuming the amount of calories particular to your body type and will be adjusted every week. This will take out the possibility of suffering from low energy levels from a caloric defecit that is too large.

      Hope that provided some further clarification.


  14. Kavin says

    Thank you for the article. May i know your views on ‘visual impact muscle building’?
    Would you recommend me this course over ‘visual impact muscle building’?

    • Adam says

      Hey Ahmad,

      If you follow the rest periods as prescribed, then the workouts will be no longer than 45 minutes to an hour.

  15. mike says

    Do I understand correctly that a computer is needed to use this poiduct?

    I have a computer, but currently no internet, but I am interested in trying this.

    • Adam says

      Hey Mike,
      You will definitely need an internet connection to purchase AGR.
      After purchase you can transfer the materials to your phone and have access on the go.

    • Adam says

      Hey Jim,

      That would depend on your current condition and experience.
      If you are a complete beginner the workouts may be difficult for you.

      Hope that helped.

  16. patrick says

    Can I get the DVD’s also? Additional cost??
    I travel and would like to take them with me so I can play them on the go.
    I’m often without internet so need the flexibility.

    • Adam says

      Hey Patrick,

      There are no DVD’s available.
      AGR is a purely digital product.
      Considering your internet situation, you can easily download the files on your laptop for access anytime.

      Hope that helped,

    • Adam says

      Hey Joshua,

      Sorry to hear about your situation.
      Focus on doing push ups and pull ups right now and once you get a job you will easily be able to afford AGR.

      All the best,

  17. Adrian says

    Does the nutrition program take into account food restrictions? For example I am a vegetarian and am allergic to all kinds of nuts.

    Thanks for the comprehensive review!

    • Adam says

      Hey Adrian,

      The nutrition program itself doesn’t take into account any food restrictions.

      As mentioned, however, there are over 500 meal ideas included.
      Of those meals, there are many options for vegetarians. As for the nuts aspect, you would have to figure out how to remove them from the recipes yourself.

      Hope that helps,

    • Adam says

      Hey Dexter,

      AGR functions as a complete system of workout, nutrition and supplementation programs.
      You will not be able to purchase individual components of it separately.

      The price is as listed in the review.

      Hope that offers some clarification,

  18. Bruce says

    How much equipment needs to be acquired to perform the exercises at home?
    Is this feasible or do you really need to sign up with a gym?

    • Adam says

      In order to perform the workouts at home you will need a fully functional home gym with stuff like a squat rack, bench press, dumbbells, barbells, pull up bar, etc.

      So it wouldn’t be feasible at home, you would need to sign up with a gym.

  19. Frank says

    I am a 21-y/o male, 5’9”, 225lbs. I have been in the gym for a few months now and have seen dramatic changes in weight and performance. I was really drawn to this program but with hesitations with the payment, being scared I will be charged more then once. I am looking to really tone and lose the last bit of weight I need to be happy. IS THIS FOR ME??

    Great review too! Read it all and it was what I needed to ease my mind about any questions I had.

    • Adam says

      After reading through this review, my hope was for you to be the best judge of whether or not AGR is right for you.

  20. John Theos says

    Okay, I bought the Golden Ratio program, and after entering my height, weight and waist size, I got my “personalized” routine, which is actually one of three general routines AGR offers. This routine is supposed to tell me how exactly how to workout. No need for guesswork. The problem is that weights for workouts are not listed. For example, a set of curl and press with dumbbells lists the number of reps, number of sets, and rest time between sets, but not the weight I need to lift. There’s no “Help” available on the website, either, so I suppose I have to guess. I could have done that without paying for the AGR program. I think I may have wasted $104 (as soon as I bought the program, I got sucked into an upgrade).

    • Adam says

      Above you can read that I have mentioned the specifics of the three routines included with AGR. As for the weights, no program will be able to tell you how much to use. You will have to establish a starting point and progressively increase from there as your strength increases. Every exercise with the amount of sets and reps has been provided to you. The workout files have clickable links where John explains the proper form of each exercise.
      You mention that there is no “Help” available. If you click “Support” in the client portal you will be able to receive personalized email support. Other than that, as mentioned above, you have access to the Adonis Index Community forums where there are close to 50,000 other members who you can ask for advise from.

      If you still think that AGR was not the right purchase for you, then you can apply for a refund (given it has been less than 60 days since you bought).

      Hope I clarified all your issues. Don’t want you to feel as if you have been tricked into buying this or something like that.


    • Nahid Salman says

      Hi Adam,
      The ratio for shoulder to waist is 1.618.
      What about the other measurements like thigh size, calf size, biceps, neck and forearm size.
      How did John Barban explain about these measurements?
      Thanks in advance.

  21. Jamie says

    I would like to purchase this ! Is it all download ? And I am training for a boxing match and wondered if the nutrition mixed with a mix or excercises from Adonis and my boxing will produce a good result ?

    • Adam says

      Yup, after access you will get access to the customer’s portal where you can download all the materials.

      The nutrition component of AGR will definitely help you get lean. However, understand that AGR is designed with a specific emphasis on aesthetics; the main goal of this program is to make you look good.

      From what I’ve seen, training for boxing involves stuff like jumping rope, steady-state cardio, and other functional movements. When preparing for a boxing match you want to make sure that you have trained your endurance and practiced your punches.

      In my opinion, AGR would not be the optimal program to prepare you for boxing matches.

      Hope that helped!

  22. Angelo says

    Hi. May I ask if the softwares for the AGR are Mac-friendly? Also, I have a question about traveling. My work consists of traveling most of the time, will I still benefit from this program if I travel from time to time? Does this program suggest where and what to eat? Thanks!

    • Adam says

      Yes, AGR is compatible with Mac.
      As mentioned, you will need access to a gym in order to complete AGR.
      With the AGR calculator you will know the exact amount to eat and with the Meal Plans you will get a 504 healthy meal options to choose from.

      Hope that offered some clarification.

  23. says

    Hi Team, At 71 yr I’m not trying for the bodies that were displayed in the promotional material BUT I am wishing to loss the flabby look from all over my body and especially the flarry gut and the man boobs. I may have trouble with some exercises due to a troubled back – two ops and a fusion at L4-5 and still much chronic pain. Can I loss a fair percentage of flab with diet and reduced exercise or alternative exercise? I haven’t looked at all the material yet but I am confident and very hopeful that this is the best system to get the job done. thanks & Cheers.

    • Adam says

      Hey Brian,
      There is no doubt that the AGR system is proven to bring about results. How closely you follow the guidelines will determine your level of success.
      I’m not sure how much experience you have in the gym, but the workouts will be difficult for the complete beginner. As per your goals, I’m sure you will be able to lose a significant amount of fat by following the nutritional guidelines provided in the program. In your position, I wouldn’t push too hard with the workouts. Do what you can with the exercises provided and work on improving your technique. Day by day, your form will improve and so will your ability to complete the workouts.

      Hope that offered some further clarification.

  24. Doug Richards says

    Hello I am 46 years old, I was diagnose about 3-4 years ago with low testosterone and put on shots every 2 weeks plus the pills for the cholesterol and blood pressure. I saw a video that talked about increasing your testosterone with this program, but was not sure how it would do with me on shots. I love to get off of the shots and my body start producing its own plus no meds would be great. Any help or insight would be grateful.

  25. Jeremiah says

    I signed up for the $37 adonis Index because I felt like the meal plan itself would be worth it. But now that I am in the program it wants me to pay $29 for the meal plan. I have access to the nutritional guide that discusses the taper and gives good info on diet but I can’t find the 84 days of meals you talked about above. Am I missing something?

    • Adam says

      Hey man,

      It seems like the product creators have changed up the offer.
      I will have to update my review as such.
      I have emailed you with further details.
      Please check that you have received my email and get back to me.


  26. Edwin says

    Very nice review. But yaaiiks. Same issue as with that of Jeremiah… Programs looks great overall but no i have to do the guesswork with the nutritional guide. I think they already changed the package and sell the nutrition guide separately. 🙁

  27. Prahaadish says

    Hi Adam,
    My name is Prahaadish and I’m from india. I have few year of experience with working out. So the workout routines wouldn’t be a problem to me I believe. But the diet plan which is been posted, what kind of food they consist of . I don’t want to end up having grocery items which aren’t available in india, the kind of vegetables that usually aren’t sold in india etc.. Since the food pattern varies from country to country. So would u suggest this to a guy living in india? For any queries of food and queries on an Indian diet pattern pls Google and help me out. Thanks

    • Adam says

      Hey Prahaadish,

      Please provide me your email address and I will send you a resource that will help you in making the decision.

  28. Stefaan says

    Hi, I want to buy it, but I wonder what the real price is because when I have to pay it’s 56€ Instead of 37$(35€). I don’t mind to pay a bit more but then I have to be sure it’s the whole packet with the bonusses like is written here…. Nice review btw!

    • Adam says

      Hey Stefaan,

      Not sure which page you are on, but the price is $37.

      I’m not sure about the bonuses that will be included because they keep changing them.

      But after purchase just send me an email at and I can help you out.

  29. Hugo says

    Hi Adam,
    I have a question about this program. I have been lifting weights for a couple of years and was able to build a decent amount of muscle, for a natural. I’m also relatively lean (~ 11% bf). My goal is to build some more muscle but in the right places, in order to be closer to the Golden Ratio.
    My basic question is: Will this program make the exercise selections based on the measurements of my body parts, in order to address weak spots? I got the impression that it has 3 routines (fat loss; muscle gain; muscle gain + fat loss) and that’s all. Would you please provide some more details and opine if the program would be right for a guy like me, with these goals?

    • Adam says

      Hey Hugo,

      At the start of the program they take into account your weight, height, and waist measurements to determine the plan that will be right for you.
      As mentioned in the review the three plans are: fat loss, muscle gain, muscle gain with fat loss.

      I can’t say whether this program will be right for you just considering your weight lifting experience and body fat percentage.

      But I would say that since you have already trained a couple of years, the muscle gain option would be the best for you where the program would address adding mass to your upper body, mostly shoulders, to emphasize your physique and bring it closer to the golden ratio.

      Hope that helped.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  30. says

    For simplicity, the ideal body shape is defined by what s called  The Adonis Golden Ratio    which is the ratio of your waist circumference compared to your shoulder circumference.

  31. DAVID says

    Hi Adam,

    I currently go to the gym about 5-6 times a week and do of HIIT and some sort of bootcamp/CrossFit classes. My main interest in this program is the meal plan and nutrition guide. I have read some of the people here are not getting the meal plan included in the $37. I am hesitant in paying the $37 and not getting the meal plan I am interested on.

    Thank you.


    • Adam says

      Hey David,

      The meal plans are no longer being included with the core AGR package and are now being sold as an upsell.

      If it is mainly the meal plans you are interested in, i recommend checking out another product called “anabolic cooking”.

      It is a much cheaper alternative and has over 200 muscle building recipes. I have a review on it as well that you can search for.

      Hope that helps.

  32. Josh says

    Hey Adam, I really do want to purchase this program, but I want to make sure the Meal plan and everything els it says is still included it the package. I live in Canada so with the currency switch I’m going to be paying $57 which I’m fine with, I just don’t want to have to add anything more. Any way you could help me out?

  33. Nahid Salman says

    Hi Adam,
    The ratio for shoulder to waist is 1.618.
    But what does the author John Barban say about the other measurements like thigh size, biceps size, neck size , calf size, forearm size and chest size?

  34. Ruby Hamilton says


    This is Ruby. I read few posts on your blog which really resonated with me and I’d love to contribute a sponsored post on your blog. I hope to give a creative and unique quality of content for your blog. If you are interested kindly get back to me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!!


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